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What types of foreign trade companies are suitable for foreign trade promotion?

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Summary:With the transformation of foreign trade companies, multi-channel integrated marketing has become the choice of mor ...

With the transformation of foreign trade companies, multi-channel integrated marketing has become the choice of more and more foreign trade companies, including search engine marketing, B2B platform marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, image video marketing, and yellow page blog marketing. Search engine marketing occupies a pivotal position in the promotion of foreign trade. What types of enterprise products are suitable for placing overseas bidding ads?

Different industries have different industry characteristics. Similarly, potential customers in different industries have different ways to find products. What kind of product customers prefer to search in search engines, then this industry is suitable for advertising in search engines, but we must pay attention to individual customer advertising costs and customer conversion rates, when the input value and output value reach a positive balance, then It is possible to expand customer development channels through foreign trade promotion. Through the industry analysis of the customers we serve, the following content is organized.

1. Machinery and equipment

Due to the high cost of participation in the machinery and equipment products, the insufficient market demand, and the special case of high product prices, Google Promotion is a very good marketing method. You can inquire through low-cost advertising investment. The cost is equal to the one-year advertising cost of the search engine advertisement, and the search can cover more than 95% of the purchasers. By clicking on the payment form on the search engine, the customer may get a minimum investment of several tens of dollars for the company's advertising investment. It is very cost-effective to say.

2. Service companies

Service companies (education, tourism, training, logistics) are not suitable for exhibition marketing. Search engines are a good promotion method. They are conducive to corporate brand image building and customer acquisition. They can obtain a large number of potential customers through low-cost advertising investment. .

3. E-commerce companies

There are many companies that use e-commerce companies to advertise through search engines. Because Chinese products are inexpensive, many foreign consumers are willing to search for Chinese products through Google, including “gowns,” “wedding,” “wigs,” and “3C,” and “furniture.” "Trinkets" are the most common and help e-commerce websites to increase sales by accounting for CPA.


4. Chemical industry

The chemical industry is relatively unpopular, partial professionalism. Advertising on search engines has a low level of competition, high conversion, and relatively low costs. Moreover, potential customers habitually search through search engines, which is very suitable for advertising.

5. Emerging industries

Many emerging industries are more suitable for search engine advertisements. There is a large demand for emerging product markets. In addition, there is mainly low competition among peers. Through the promotion of search engines, a large number of customers can be obtained at the lowest cost.