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Our secondary processing project includes the following contents: 

ultrasonic welding

Introduction:Two plastic ultrasonic welding is a permanent together it is often used in the manufacture of unique technology is not suitable for open after production of home appliance or electronics products include the following: permanent seal means that, if the user to open the internal Settings, the product will have to be destroyed this ensures that users won't damage it, it can add an additional protection, can provide waterproof performance

Hot stamping technology

Introduction: Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a graphic is printed on a surface of a product using a heated mold and metal foil. This is a safe way to print.


Introduction: Spraying is one of the many choices of plastic coloring. There is no choice of spray types to compensate for the lack of pure plastic color. We have a 100,000 class dust-free fuel line in our secondary processing shop to ensure fast and efficient spraying to meet your specifications.

 Silk screen printing

Introduction: Silk screen printing and pad printing can be widely applied on the surface of products with different materials and different colors. Often used to create surface pattern content for medical, automotive, home appliance, and office automation products

Laser processing

Introduction: Laser processing uses laser etching technology to etch the pattern required by customers on the surface of the product.