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The company has 10 advanced assembly lines. Our experienced engineers and operators control everything from the assembly and testing of parts to the final product packaging. We have gained a good reputation for quality and on-time delivery.

► Introduction: Each production line is equipped with experienced project engineers, production engineers, quality engineers and automated equipment to ensure efficient, high-quality assembly of finished products.

► Project: Each production line starts with a detailed plan and calculates each assembly link based on the following factors.

► Assemble each link time: The target time (in seconds) required to complete the entire assembly task.

► Steps: Calculate how many steps to complete the task.

► Monthly production: The number of items that need to be completed each month.

► Equipment requirements, number of employees, physical size of each assembly line.

► Test requirements: How to ensure that the product is ready for the next stage, for further work or packaging to warehouse, this stage also helps us to plan the test equipment.

► Reports: Usually once a week, specified by the customer.

► Job Description: A clear, visual overview of each step of the assembly process.

► Our assembly experience: Over the years, we have been supplying parts and components for smart home products (water purifiers, air purifiers, physiotherapy devices, health stations, etc.), mobile phone protection covers, and the largest customer in the smart robot industry. Assembly.

► Production First: Many of our assembly projects come from customers who produce parts with us, and then they need assembly and packaging services but want to keep everything under one roof. This saves management costs, time, and help by providing only a single communication channel from start to finish.

► Cost Savings: Although significant time and management costs are saved in the production and assembly of Hongfeng Mould Company, we can also provide other hard-to-get savings in raw material procurement, parts and parts procurement, and upcoming parts inspection. . As a mature Chinese brand, we have the ability to provide the best parts and materials at the right price, which can save customers' taxes and surcharges as much as possible.